What’s in a name? Two of art’s most influential and impactful mediums, of course.

Deriving its namesake from two traditional mediums, ink and paper, Carbon & Cotton creates original and custom art that is far from conventional. Besides unique fine art, Carbon & Cotton creates affordable art prints and products as well as large-scale installations for even greater impact.

Founder, Josh Schoemaker, visually captures unexpected forms—creating compositions that evoke an emotional connection between the art and viewer. His unique, expressive creations use a combination of deliberate and accidental marks, where flaws and imperfections inspire both his aesthetics and originality.

“Art should not only feel alive, but it should heighten the sense of curiosity in those who view it.”


Josh’s passion for exploration is never satisfied. Every piece of art is the result of his journey as an artist to discover the perfect composition or a fresh new aesthetic. As a visual composer, he uses a variety of mediums and design disciplines, including: ink, collage, printmaking, Zen painting, sculpture, typography and graphic design.